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The company is the world's leading specialist in automatic CO2 angiography with DSA. Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) with the unique CO2 injector INSPECT 2005R is an innovative and path-breaking method of vascular visualization in the human body. With the CO2 injector INSPCET 2005R Malek Medical offers a fully automatic prime performance injection system for diagnostic and interventional radiology. You find our CO2 injector INSPECT 2005R in several European countries and across the globe.

Its advantages as a fully automatic electronic device and the benefits of pure medical CO2 combine to create a unique method of imaging. CO2 is the safe alternative to iodine-and gadolinium-based contrast agents. These contrast agents are able to cause allergies and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, NSF. CO2 used as a contrast medium is totally free of any side effects as it is a natural breathing product of the human body. It is eliminated through respiration within seconds.

You can also treat patients at risk with following indications: renal insufficiency, dialysis patients, thyroid hyperfunction, contras media incompatibility (iodine, gadolinium), imaging of shunts, search for bleeding sources. The injection of CO2 with the CO2 injector INSPECT 2005R can be applied through a introducer, fine needle or catheter. 

... What's that simple?Yes, it's that simple!
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